Concealed Carry Class

Kansas Concealed Carry is mandated by the state to be an 8 hour course. Our courses usually start at 8:00 sharp unless you have been notified otherwise. Late arrivals will not be allowed to join the class as we must get in the 8 hours. The cost of the class is $100.00. I have an outdoor range that we will use until the indoor range is finished, and I provide lunch. I bring lunch in and we work through the lunch hour. You will need a firearm and 50 rounds of ammunition to qualify. Qualification only requires 25 shots, but usually someone wants to shoot a little extra, or shoot some practice shots before qualifying starts. Qualification is not marksmanship training – we shoot at 3, 7 and 10 yards so don’t stress out about the shooting part of the class. You do not need to qualify with the firearm you are going to carry, i.e., a .22 instead of a .38, but I strongly recommend it. If you can’t hit what you are aiming at with your carry pistol and you get in a confrontation it’s possible that all that will happen is that you will either get shot by your assailant or possibly sued by some innocent bystander you might have hit while trying to defend yourself. If you are concerned about your marksmanship skills, please consider taking the First Steps class as an introduction to handguns before taking the concealed carry class.

You may bring either a semi-automatic pistol or revolver with which to qualify, although single action revolvers are not allowed. It simply takes too long to go through the drills with it.

You will need eye and ear protection. If you wear glasses, that’s good enough, otherwise safety glasses are required. Hearing protection is also required. It can be either ear plugs or ear muffs. If you don’t have these, I have sets for sale at the shop. For those planning on shooting regularly after taking the class, please consider buying yourself a good set – you have only one set of eyes and ears and you need to protect them.

On another note, women are very welcome in the class. They usually ask the best questions, pay the most attention, and a lot of times are the best shots.

When you arrive at the class, please bring your firearm in, however, NO AMMO is allowed in the class. Leave it in your car. There will be no live ammo in the class at any time. This is a safety issue and applies to everyone – instructors, participants, peace officers, FBI, etc.

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