Ear Protection

It is estimated about one in ten Americans has hearing loss that affects his ability to understand normal speech. The most common cause of this condition is excessive noise exposure. It just so happens that shooting firearms is a popular activity that subjects its participants to noise levels intense enough to cause permanent hearing loss, unless the proper precautions are taken. But how loud is it? It varies depending on the firearm and ammunition used but the report of a rifle, can easily reach 140 dB or more, equivalent to that of a jet engine. Most experts agree a person would have to be exposed to eight continuous hours of noise at 85 dB to cause permanent hearing loss, but sound spikes of 130 dB or more can cause permanent damage instantly. In addition to hearing loss, firing your firearm without proper hearing protection may also lead to tinnitus, or ringing in the ears.

So how can you keep your ears safe? We carry various types of hearing protection from disposable foam plugs, to over- the-ear muffs. For those looking for a more sophisticated hearing protection, there are electronically-enhanced hearing protection devices, including specialized hearing aid/earplug combinations, and earmuffs fitted with external microphones and internal speakers. The sound system in electronic muffs allows the user to hear surrounding sounds at normal levels, or even louder than normal. When a dangerously loud sound is detected by the electronics, the speakers to the ears deactivate until the noise reaches a safe level again. For more information on types and pricing, please come by or visit us today.

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