Cleaning Supplies


One of the most important parts of owning and maintaining a firearm safely is regular cleaning. The exterior of a gun can easily be contaminated with the oils and dirt found on a user’s hands. This oil and dirt can eventually work its way into the firearm, causing rusting or other permanent degradation to occur. Salt from the user’s hand can also accumulate leading to the corroding of the metal components of a firearm.

Additionally, firearms that are not regularly cleaned, even though they are regularly used, can experience a buildup of gun powder residue. This buildup of residue negatively impacts accuracy and reliability.

We strongly recommend the use of BOTH a degreasing solvent and a lubricant for complete firearms maintenance. Professional entities such as U.S. military manuals to NRA instructional materials, firearm manufacturers maintenance and troubleshooting manuals, and gunsmith and armorer student guides strongly recommend this combination to not only lubricate, but also to prevent buildup of cleaning materials. For a complete product line and pricing, please stop by or visit us.

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