Home on the Range is proud to be a Class 3 FFL, allowing us to sell suppressors. If you are not familiar with the use of suppressors or “silencers” as they are sometimes called, they are devices which help reduce the noise of gunfire to hearing-safe levels when attached to the end
of a firearm’s barrel. Suppressors are products with a series of baffles which contain and re-direct the expanding gasses that exit the end of the firearm’s barrel when it is discharged. They are very similar to car mufflers which were, in fact, developed in parallel by the same inventor in the early 1900s. Using suppressors can make shooting firearms safer, more enjoyable and help make shooting ranges more neighborly.

Suppressors are also useful for hunting where it is not practical to wear ear plugs all day in anticipation of shooting. Suppressors are currently legal to use and possess in 40 states, as well as being approved for use during hunting. Because listening to your surroundings is an important strategy in tracking prey, hunters may choose to use a suppressor in order to “silence” gunfire, protecting their hearing, without having to use hearing protection. In addition, the suppressor reduces recoil and muzzle rise, allowing the hunter to get into position for a follow-up shot more quickly by reducing movement and keeping his crosshairs closer to the target.

Please remember that the Kansas suppressor application requires us to perform a background check and usually also involves a 6 to 9-month waiting period for the purchase to be approved. For more information on the application process, please call the store.

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