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Desert Tech, formerly known as Desert Tactical Arms was founded in 2007. Over the last eight years they have established a strong reputation of creating the most accurate and compact rifle systems in the world. Designing is an art that they take vary seriously, and they have become leading experts at creating designs that optimize the necessary and eliminate the unnecessary. Their products are simple, attractive, and versatile.

Desert Tech’s precision rifles boast a ½ MOA guarantee of accuracy.  That means that if you do your part, the rifle will shoot a ½” group or better if you do your part.  That translates to a 3” group at 600 yards, or a 5” group at 1000 yards!  Pretty impressive accuracy.  They also have the ability to change calibers with a bolt and barrel switch, which takes less than 5 minutes.  We can show you here in the shop how to do it.  It’s easy!  They truly are marvels of engineering and consistency.

In addition, all Desert Tech products are put through rigorous testing and development with top of the line quality control equipment and dedicated engineers. They maintain exact tolerances for all of or products to ensure  high standards of quality are always maintained.

For more information, including availability and pricing, come by or call today, and as always please be safe!

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